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About Talk Story Inc

TSI is a non-profit organization established for the education and support of individuals living through post traumatic experiences. We’re dedicated to promoting healing and restoration within our communities through human rights initiatives.  Healing the whole person is imperative to bringing about lasting change.  We encourage others to tell their stories - primarily through talking and writing.    


Obtain the long overdue apology and investigation for the Rosenwald Fund



To educate society on human rights matters and the Rosenwald Fund Study with an emphasis on trauma and the impact it has on individuals, families, and communities.  To facilitate the healing and restoration process.


Provide various programs to educate our society on the causes and effects of trauma, to make referrals, and identify strategies leading to healing and restoration as we work towards building stronger families and communities.


TSI is committed to promoting healing and restoration within our communities.    

Objectives Include

  1. Educate society on the history, identification, and causes of trauma, thereby enhancing one’s ability to make informed decisions based on symptoms, experiences, and responses.

  2. Provide the opportunity to develop valuable social, emotional, and coping skills, and make referrals to appropriate agencies, as needed.

  3. Promote health initiatives and conduct further research to identify the extent of the effects of heavy metal poisoning and other toxic chemicals on the human body.

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