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TSI Team

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Helen & Irwin Noel

Helen Noel


Helen is a retired Chief Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force with 24 years of honorable service and the President/Founder of Talk Story, Incorporated.  While serving on active duty in the United States Air Force, she wrote and published her divinely inspired faith-based book, 7 Days in the Fire with a universal message of “Heal the Body/Church and Restore the House Before the Fire.  After retiring the Holy Spirit revealed she was a victim of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and talking and writing was a vital part of her healing.  She stood up Talk Story, Incorporated to encourage others to “Talk It Out!”  In 2010, she discovered her family and many blacks in the American South may have unknowingly participated in the Rosenwald Fund Study, the precursor to the Tuskegee and Guatemala Syphilis Studies. Toxic heavy metals used on all ages, sexes, family units, and pregnant women adversely affected future generations.  She’s been diligently researching and pursuing a presidential apology and investigation for the Study. Helen is a native of Elyria, Ohio and has been married to Irwin Noel for over 30 years and they have two awesome sons, Tyrell and Tavaris. Her passions are reading her favorite book, the Bible, gardening, walking, ancestry work, spending time with family, and helping others to tell their story. 

Irwin Noel

Vice President

Noel's dedication to service began in the United States Air Force (USAF), where he served with distinction for over 28 years before retiring.  During his tenure, he worked across various sections of the Military Personnel Flight (MPF) and completed three combat deployments in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Currently, Noel serves as a Deputy Sheriff with the Hampton Sheriff’s Office. Originally from the Caribbean Island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Noel migrated to the United States in 1979 with his three sisters. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the USAF.  He is married to Helen (Noel) Nelson, a retired Chief Master Sergeant, and together they have two sons, Tyrell and Tavaris. Noel's deep-rooted passion for aviation has been a driving force throughout his life.

Maria Pic for TSI Website.jpg

Maria Augustus

Director of Education

Maria holds a master’s degree in education and was a former educator in both the public and  private sector. She was an educational mentor, former PTA vice president and a facilitator for adult education, a

nonprofit organization in Montgomery, Alabama. Maria has a love for teaching and learning and she serves at her church on the Life Team and student ministry where she continues to impact the lives of children. She was born on Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, SC, and as a military dependent, her family moved extensively throughout her early years. However, she has now found her permanent home in Virginia. Maria has been married to her best friend for 36 years, Hans Augustus, a retired Air Force colonel and they have three daughters, Teresia, Erika and Rebecca. Maria loves reading, studying eschatology and her passion for cooking keeps her busy in the kitchen creating new recipes and dishes for family and friends.

Monica Brown

Director, Public Relations

Monica Brown is a native of New Jersey, who now lives in Hampton, Virginia, where she works, writes, and helps others, usually women’s groups, offering support and motivation, coaching and encouragement. Monica holds degrees in Public Relations and Business Administration. Throughout her life, she has worked in various public relations roles, leveraging over 10 years of diverse experience within the medical and educational industries. Additionally, she is a veteran who served in the U.S Navy. With her passion for improving her community, Monica wrote her first book called I’m A Single Parent Now What?  Drawing on her own experiences, she recognizes that it can be the hardest but most rewarding job to do, and she is eager to show others, particularly single women, how they can learn to parent with purpose, conviction, and hope. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, keeping herself in shape and creating vegan or vegetarian recipes.

Terrie Council Pic.jpg

Pastor Terrie Council

Chief Finance Officer

As the Benevolence Pastor of World Outreach Worship Center, Pastor Terrie Council oversees ministries that help meet the needs of those that are around the block and around the world who are hungry and hurting spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  She has served in a myriad of ministries/positions while serving the Lord for over 30 years.

Pastor Council has ministered and taught in Africa, Germany, Jamaica, El Salvador, and Honduras and in several states throughout the US.  Her commitment to the Lord is to inspire, encourage and challenge people to use their God-given talents to develop a strong relationship with Jesus Christ to advance the Kingdom of God.

She is an anointed conference speaker, teacher, mentor, and an uncompromising woman of integrity that has devoted her life to ministering the Word of God. Her passion and compassion for people have led her to help many in the body of Christ to reach complete financial wholeness and financial freedom.

Pastor Council is a graduate of Deliverance Evangelistic Bible Institute; she holds a BA Degree in Business Administration/Management and graduated from Global University as a Certified/Licensed Minister. She was ordained as a Pastor in 2005 while serving at Cornerstone Worship Center.  She and her husband have been married for 51 years with four daughters and three grandchildren.

Her heart and call to the ministry is Ephesians 4:11, 12…“To help perfect the saints, for the work of the ministry, to edify the body of Christ.”

Nikki Ford Pic for Website 2.jpg

Nikki Ford


Nikki Ford is a native and resident of Newport News, Virginia.  For 24 years, she served her country in the United States Air Force as a Diet Therapist, Leadership Academy Instructor, and a Religious Affairs Airman.  She is currently a Government Contract Specialist for the US Coast Guard in Portsmouth, Virginia.  Nikki also serves her community in several ways, to include serving in her church of Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Temple and serving as a philanthropist for disaster relief and medical research organizations throughout the Hampton Roads area.  In her spare time, Nikki loves camping and traveling throughout the United States and around the world.  She also loves animals, fitness and spending time with family and friends.

Phyllis Johnson

Director, Fundraising

Tim Jones Pic.jpg

Tim Jones

Director, Strategic Planning

Growing up in Elyria, Ohio and raised by hardworking, stern parents, Tim always understood the value of hard work and dedication, as well as offering a hand up to the less fortunate. After graduating from Admiral King High School, his focus was to explore the construction field. Attending welding school for several months, he was advanced enough to receive gainful employment in the shipbuilding industry. From welding, to plumbing he tested and received several certifications, in various areas of the industry until retiring in 2009. Retirement afforded him the time to journey into ministry, where after 2 years he became a licensed chaplain. While in ministry, he preached sermons and educated in various areas of ministry. After several years, he was led to partner with a local bank, with the focus to help individuals with less than perfect credit to obtain mortgages in purchasing homes.  With a big heart for the people, he also started a food distribution program, feeding over 300 people monthly.  At this stage of his life, he’s just getting started.

Gail Lyons Roberts Pic for TSI.jpg

Gail Lyons-Roberts

Director, Administration

CEO, Ruach Healthy Creations in Gulf Breeze, Florida.  Gail is an advocate for Healthy Living directed by the power of God as she navigated an undiagnosed illness. She has dedicated the last 20 years to researching and identifying natural alternatives to toxic-laden products. Her goal is to encourage others to adopt healthy lifestyles, thereby building healthy communities, in a healthy environment. She has currently developed skin and hair care products which are natural, toxic free and non-GMO. She is actively engaged in educating individuals and communities on the benefits of implementing healthy living concepts.

Previously, Gail worked as the Director for School Readiness, Behavior Analyst, Family support Specialist, Certified Personal Financial Counselor, and Educator.

Her past experiences translate into the skillset necessary to help others identify their health needs, set attainable goals and implement the necessary strategies into their daily routines and lifestyles.

She holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration and Accounting, a Master’s Degree in Human Relations and a Master’s in Education.

Seanta McClendon

Director, Community Services

Currently, the President and CEO of C Life Coach, LLC, a Self-care, Motivational and Empowerment Modality. Ms. McClendon is also a Safety Educator and Independent Consultant with Damsel in Defense, providing tools and training to keep you safe. Her passion is people, demonstrated through Professional and Personal Development Trainer and Organization Consulting. She is a servant leader who thoroughly enjoys motivational speaking, conducting workshops, seminars, and simply empowering others. In her own word, “Through my divine presence, I recognize the calling on my life to give back…what has been given to me. Therefore, I serve! I humbly serve my community as a human, woman, mother, daughter, sister, advocate, teacher, coach, manager, mentor, leader, steward, student, and friend. I serve as a life member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., promoting scholarship, sisterhood, and service!”

Myrna Miller.jpg

Myrna Miller 

Director, Programs

Myrna is a retired officer from United States Air Force (USAF) with over 22 years of honorable service.  During her service, she worked in research, development, and acquisitions of various programs to include chemical/biological/nuclear defense, the F-16 weapon system as well as operations support to USAF forces in the Pacific. Since retiring in 2006, Myrna has been very active with various community and faith-based programs and organizations.   Most recently, she is a community relations board member at the local YMCA and together with her husband of 28 years, leads a dynamic marriage ministry.  Myrna is very active in her community and spends her time volunteering at church, a local thrift store, and other charitable organizations.  Myrna is a native of Bessemer Al and she truly loves her strong southern family roots.  She comes from a large family of sixteen brothers and sisters.  In fact, her family, “The Fagans” is in the Guinness book of record for the most college graduates in one family.  She is married to Vincent Miller, a retired USAF Colonel with over 25 years of service and they have two sons, Joseph and Daniel.  She enjoys traveling, crafting, gardening, and spending time with family the friends. 

Bridget's Pic for TSI.jpg

Bridget Rencher

Director, Customer Relations

A native of Stillmore, Georgia, Bridget is a graduate of Southern Illinois University, in Carbondale, Illinois, and she has a Bachelor of Science in workforce education and development.   Bridget’s retired from the Federal Civilian Service where she served as Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic Deputy Director for Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity. She was responsible for directing the program execution of EEO compliance, complaints management, sexual harassment, reasonable accommodations, affirmative employment, special emphasis programs and diversity and inclusion.  She has a combined total of 38 years, military and civilian.  Bridget possesses a wealth of knowledge in the field of equality of opportunity and diversity.  She’s a decorated veteran and is hailed as the first African-American Female Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force Equal Opportunity career field.  Chief Master Sergeants make up the top 1 percent of senior enlisted personnel in the Air Force. Bridget’s travel agent is Divine Unlimited Travel, LLC ( and registration is required prior to accessing site.   

Cadacia Townsend.jpg

Cadacia Townsend

Events Coordinator

Cadacia has her master’s degree in human services counseling and life coaching. For over 20 years she served honorably in federal service to include her time in the United States Air Force. During her service, she served as a manager in various roles in Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Management (i.e., disability, reasonable accommodation, special emphasis, affirmative employment, mediation, training, and administration). Cadacia is also a Certified True Colors Facilitator and Mediator.

Cadacia has a passion to help veterans and persons with disabilities through personal, mental health, and career challenges. She is a native of Philadelphia, PA and she loves traveling, arts and crafts, spending time with family, and volunteering at church and local shelters.

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