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PTSD Education and Awareness Training Plan


  • Provide education and awareness training on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

  • Discuss methods to promote resilience and recovery 


Scope of Work                    

  • Talk Story, Inc. (TSI) educates personnel about PTSD, its history, statistical data, events, and responses

  • Provides an in-depth view of PTSD categories and symptoms

  • Educates on recent PTSD events and its overall impact on the community and workforce 

  • Discusses resilience and recovery methods

  • Trainer shares personal traumatic experiences and its impact on her family, along with her personal resilience/recovery journey through talk story (an Hawaiian term for conversing)

  • Facilitates interactive group discussions to further enhance PTSD awareness

  • Provides information on resources and recommended websites to promote wellness

  • Conducts question/answer sessions to culminate training

Effectiveness Measure

  • TSI provides a survey to measure overall training effectiveness.

Ancestry/DNA Training/Assistance 

In 1977, I watched the late Pulitzer Prize winning Alex Haley’s miniseries Roots, the Saga of An American Family. Afterwards, I vowed to someday tell my family’s story of how we fit into the beautifully woven fabric of America. In 2000, while stationed at Hickam AFB in Hawaii, I attended a genealogy training workshop and joined Ancestry. My research led me to discover both sides of my family potentially knew Simon Alexander Haley, father of Alex Haley. My maternal family (the Noel’s) lived on the Henning Farm, the same farm as Simon Alexander Haley in the 1920’s/early 1930’s. My paternal family (the Reid’s/Nelson’s) knew the Haley’s in Arkansas. Aunt Louise was a student of Professor Haley’s at the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff in the 1940’s and she said Professor Haley always talked about Kunta Kinte and Chicken George during lectures. Through Ancestry and DNA data, I’ve successfully traced my African Ancestry to the Fula people in Guinea-Bissau, Kru people in Liberia and Mende and Temne people in Sierra Leone. I've traced my Caucasian roots back to a Virginia planter, Cornelius Noel. Cornelius is from Holland and is attributed with bringing the Noel name to America Circa 1655. If you’re interested in learning more about your family’s roots, email me from my contact page for more information and meeting schedules.       



Fight (Helen) & Flight (Irwin)

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Noel Family

Noel Family

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