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Unethical studies caused generational trauma (illnesses/deaths in loved ones) in families.Let’s talk about our health! #FAMILYLOVEMATTERS

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Medical researchers used black populations in the South in field and clinical studies without their informed consent. Talk Story Inc. primarily focuses on the Rosenwald Fund Study, a precursor to the Tuskegee and Guatemala Studies, and the adverse health effects of using heavy toxic metals on all ages and sexes, including family units and pregnant women.  The long-term health effects continue today through preexisting conditions linked to congenital malformations from metal toxicity passed down through bloodlines. Sudden illnesses and premature deaths are one indicator of generational family trauma. Descendants of loved ones who lived in the 10 + counties where the study took place should want to find out more for themselves and future generations. #FamilyLoveMatters

TSI is hosting the 1st Annual Flower Gurlz Gala (EIN 45-2806559) to bring awareness to the Rosenwald Fund Study and gather people who may have been impacted by the adverse health effects of toxic heavy metals used in the study.  The generational trauma and lack of informed consent in the Rosenwald Fund Study shares a common theme with the Henrietta Lacks story.  The Gala special guest is Alfred Carter, grandson of Henrietta Lacks. 

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About Talk Story, Incorporated

TSI is a nonprofit organization established for the education and support of individuals living through post-traumatic experiences.   We’re dedicated to promoting healing and restoration within our communities through human rights initiatives.  Healing the whole person is imperative to bringing about lasting change.  We encourage others to tell their stories - primarily through talking and writing.        

My (Talk) Story

My family’s mantra is “Blood is Thicker than Water” and we understand familial bonds are stronger than the bonds of friendship.  I come from a big family, and we genuinely love one another.  Blacks in America have suffered from generational trauma for over 400 years and adverse health effects have been passed on from generation to generation. Like many, my family’s story is deeply rooted in trauma.  

7 Days in the Fire

"Sleepless and in the grip of a serious illness for seven days, Helen D. Noel experienced “hell on earth” and lived to write the book she felt called by God to write. Combining faith, family lore, and service to God, church, and country she “talks story” the way only an African American woman committed to living her truth in all ways could." -Kristen Morris



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